How to Trade Stock Options $3,800 Today Weekly Options Trading Course

How to Trade Stock Options is both an art and a science and there is no replacement for experience since the options markets are always changing. This free options trading course outlines how to trade stock options, various trading strategies and our charting platform and options trading software we built that helped us identify the trade setup. This stock market education video will cover high frequency trading strategies to use during weekly options expiration cycles.

This weekly options expiration trading lesson “How to Trade Stock Options” will cover how traders CASHED IN $3,800 trading JUST TODAY! This weekly options trading course will explore [how to trade stock options] and how to make money with weekly options trading strategies.

How to Trade Stock Options Example

How to Trade Stock Options Using Weekly Options

This options trading example on (GOOG) we will feature how we took two entries on the (GOOG) $810 Weekly Put Option. We scaled into the options trade with an average entry price of $9.62. We sold 5 contracts at $12.50 and the other 5 contracts at $14.40 at the highs before the options began to decline. (VERIFIED SCREENSHOT).


We are experts at trading stock options and we told people that the stock market would correct and we featured the MASSIVE Put Options purchased on the March 1,500 put options all last week. Check out this trade where 1 Put Contract made $1,600 or 89% (Same day as the google trade). We always trade call options and put options on Google because they options contracts make huge intraday moves!

How to Trade Stock Options

Weekly Options Trading How to Trade Stock Options Course

How to Trade Stock Options is a subject we’ll cover in this live options trading video where we highlight our intraday options trading strategies we used for “HUGE GAINS” on Google. Learn how to trade options by entering the trade at wholesale price levels before they make the move!

StockMarketFunding knows that the average trader and investors knows that the markets have changed since the creation of high-frequency trading in the stock and options market. We train our traders how to take advantage of these High Frequency Trading (HFT) machines and use powerful intraday options trading formulas built with a solid fundamental in math to profit from stock trends.

High Frequency Trading Examples

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2/25/2013: How to Trade Stock Options Weekly Options Trading Course

Weekly options trading on equities have increased the amount of total volatility in broader markets. Stock options explained by StockMarketFunding will cover how our options trading software helped MAKE OVER $3,500 on 2/25/2013! We will teach out how to gauge option premium when trading options intraday. If your serious about learning how to trade options and want to get a better look into our advanced trading technologies and training then sign up below. We hope you enjoyed today’s trading lesson on how to trade stock options and how to use weekly options.

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