Charting Platform offers the best day trading software and online trading platform reviews. StockMarketFunding has the best charting software, day trading software and education packages for traders.

Whether you’re a novice day trader or seasoned veteran they have stock market trading education and charting platform you need to beat the high frequency trading robots that have been dominating today’s market.

Learn how we MADE OVER $23,000 in 1 Day with our Charting Platform! (Screen shot)

Recent high-profile market disruptions caused by advanced trading technologies, including the so-called “flash crash” will become an important part of history in the new financial documentary called the GhostExchange (watch the trailer) which will feature

High-frequency trading (HFT) started catching media attention leading up to the stock market “Flash Crash” on May 6, 2010 which was accurately predicted by on 4/24/2010 10 DAYS BEFORE THE FLASH CRASH! We said that markets needed a 10% haircut and it was based on the exclusive money-making trading formulas in our “charting platform” we were able to profit from the decline in the stock market.



Day Trading Software & Charting Platform

Day Trading Software

StockMarketFunding has taken 30 years to develop an advanced technical analysis trading platform or the StockMarketFunding Market Maker Trading Platform. Having the right day trading software and charting platform literally will make the difference of you making thousands of dollars or losing everything in a high frequency trading market. Having the right charting platform software isn’t that good unless you understand how to use it. That is an part of the art and science taught in our live trading videos and in our free trading seminar.

Online Trading Software & Charting Platform

Online Trading Platform has the only “Market Maker” Trading Platform that has the same mathematical formulas used by market makers on the NYSE and CBOE. Learn more about HOW-TO MAKE MONEY with our “online trading platform” which gives you the edge you need trading in today’s markets.

Day Trading Software & Charting Platform Features

• Professional charting and technical analysis.

• Automated trading via a flexible built-in mathematical scripting language.

• Real time stock, futures and forex quote screens.

• Real time alerts, market scanning and strategy back testing engine.

• Right click and trade from any chart.

• Application may be programmed to submit orders to any destination.

• Any data provider may be implemented.

• All windows, toolbars, menus, charts and other features are completely customizable.

• In-expensive customization services available upon request:

volume-based bars, tick-based bars, custom charts, custom features and more.

Outside of our exclusive charting platform there are these StockMarketFunding advanced options orders types available to clients with over $50,000 in trading capital who enroll in our 52 week market maker trading school.

StockMarketFunding advanced options orders types

Fast SweepSweepClean SweepIcebergOptions Smart Order RouterSprayNBBO Sweep, and Hidden Sweep

SMF has a proven track record of trading results. We welcome you to watch all our live videos on YouTube and join us for a free trial period to experience our services during live market hours. If you’re searching for the best day trading software, online trading platform or charting platform you’ve come to the right place!

Don’t be fooled by today’s stock market stats! Learn the truth about today’s economic conditions and how to position your investments for the rest of 2013. Learn about how today’s markets are driven by low interest rates created by the Federal Reserve and how that translates into “real world” inflation.

Fractional reserve lending gives banks the ability to leverage themselves 10:1 on their deposits. When Glass-Steagall Act (1933) was repealed under Clinton, they gave rise to the “Unlimited Leverage” Banking “To Big To Fail” Monsters we see today.

Today’s markets have been transformed into a gambling casino environment based on big banks that use high frequency trading algorithms, unlimited leverage, bogus rumors and news, and more to steal money from the investing public.

No longer to we have a real economy of buy and hold in good companies with strong fundamentals. Today’s markets are driven by headlines and computers. What would normally drive the “Dow Jones” down 300 points now we see it up 150 points.

Since the volume has dried up in the “options market” we see the CBOE and markets are up to their old tricks of creating additional trading derivatives and instruments to control people and markets.

While the CBOE introduced weekly options contracts back in 2005, they weren’t on the MAJORITY of Stocks or Indices  Now we see weekly options on most high-bet stocks which contributes to markets being manipulated not only on an intraday-level, but throughout the entire trading week.

Stock futures are used to pump up stocks in the pre-market to create what’s called a “SELL GAP” where they sucker in people to buy stocks long on the opening bell only to take out their stops minutes later.

Learning these types of tricks and trading gimmicks is what separates our trading education from our competitors. Join our trading room free and learn more about our charting platform.

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